Disney Parks Castles

The Walt Disney Company has six parks around the world. Each park has a special themed castle that are similar but at the same time very unique.  In this post, I’ll be explaining about each of the Disney parks castles:


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  1. Sleeping Beauty Castle (Disneyland – Anaheim): Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the original Disney park, Disneyland in Anaheim is special because it’s the only one Walt Disney got to fully work on and experience. This castle stands at 77 ft tall. It has a drawbridge in the front that has only been used twice: when Disneyland officially opened in 1955 and when the new Fantasyland opened in 1983. Another thing that people may not know if that there’s a Sleeping Beauty walk through in which you get to experience the story in a unique way. You get to read through the story as you watch different animated scenes in the walk through. And the music is just absolutely beautiful. The location of Sleeping Beauty’s castle is a popular location to watch Disneyland firework shows. Because this castle is the original, just like the park itself, I find it the most special.cinderellacastle2(Photo: more-sky.com)
  2. Cinderella Castle (Magic Kingdom – Orlando): At the end of Main Street at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom stands Cinderella’s Castle which stands 183 ft tall. The construction of the castle finished in July of 1971, the park opened on October 1, 1971. Some of the castle’s look was inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France. You can dine at Cinderella’s Royal table, with so many choices of delicious food and dessert.. you might want to try the Chocolate Slipper dessert, either with white or dark chocolate with icing inside.. amazing! And you never know when your favorite Disney princess might stop by. There is also a dream suite located in Cinderella’s Castle. which was built in 2006. A couple more facts; the castle has 3 elevators, the drawbridge does not raise, and the stage in front of the castle is used for shows and holiday events.tdl002155large(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)
  3. Cinderella Castle (Tokyo Disneyland): The Cinderella Castle in Tokyo Disneyland is not as tall as the one in Walt Disney World, it still stands at an impressive 168 ft tall. The castle has Cinderella’s Fairy Tale hall, where you can walk the castle and see beautiful paintings and artwork that follow her story.hongkong(Photo: thedlandinsider.blogspot.com)
  4. Sleeping Beauty Castle (Hong Kong Disneyland): This castle is Disneyland castle’s twin. It pretty much is spot on. This castle stands at 77 ft as well with less trees surrounding it’s view. However, beginning in 2018 Hong Kong Disneyland will be getting an all new castle. From the looks on the artwork on the Disney Parks Blog, the castle will still have familiar features from the original Disneyland castle but will be expanded into a much larger castle. Besides the expansion of the castle, Hong Kong Disneyland plan on bringing in two new themed areas based on Frozen and Marvel.n024777_2023oct25_le-chateau-de-la-belle-au-bois-dormant_16-9(Photo: disneylandparis.co.uk)
  5. Sleeping Beauty Castle (Disneyland Paris): Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland Paris measures at 160 ft tall. It also has a gorgeous walk through that takes you into the story of Sleeping Beauty. What makes this castle unique is Dragon Lair which is located underneath the castle. Inside you’ll find a life size animatronic dragon!shdr-att-enchanted-storybook-castle-hero-new(Photo: shanghaidisneyresort.com)
  6. Enchanted Storybook Castle (Shanghai Disneyland): Last but not least, the latest Disney Parks castle is Enchanted Storybook Castle. It’s the tallest out of all of the Disney Parks castles measuring almost at 197 ft tall. The castle is not themed after one princess but represents all of them. You’ll find the restaurant Royal Banquet Hall inside. Also, there are 2 attractions: ‘Once Upon a Time’  Adventure which is a unique Snow White walk through with interactive scenes with impressive technology. The other attraction in the castle is Voyage to the Crystal Grotto. It’s a boat ride that starts outside of the castle then moves beneath the castle and takes you through different Disney movies such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and so much more. This ride is similar to Storybook Land Canal at Disneyland but much more upgraded.

I hope you enjoyed this post on the Disney Parks castles around the world! Which castle is your favorite or which ones have you visited?


45 years of the Magic Kingdom!

marceline-to-magic-kingdom-00(Photo: disneyworld.com)

Today marks the 45th Anniversary of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Check out this awesome video the Disney Parks Blog put together!

The Main Street Electrical Parade coming back to Disneyland

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

News released by Disney a couple days ago, I’m sure you’ve all heard.. The Main Street Electrical Parade will be ending it’s run at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World on October 9th and coming back to where it all started.. Disneyland. Even though I’m TREMENDOUSLY sad to see Paint the Night go, the Electrical Parade is a classic and is one of the earliest night time spectaculars I can remember.

The Electrical Parade began at Disneyland in 1972 and ended in 1996 then came back to Disneyland in 2001 up until 2010. It then made it’s way to Walt Disney World and has been there ever since. As stated before, Paint the Night will continue to run normally up until September 5th, the end of the Diamond Celebration at Disneyland. The good news is that Paint the Night will be returning on select nights during the holiday season this year.

There are questions roaming around as to what will be happening at the Magic Kingdom.. are they getting a new parade? Is Paint the Night going to be the new parade there for the time being? What do you think? To be completely honest, I wish there was a way Paint the Night could stay forever.. a year and a half is NOT long enough. This parade is just life. It’s literally everything. And as much as I love the Electrical Parade with ALL of my heart, you can’t go from Paint the Night back to the Electrical Parade, you just can’t. The Electrical Parade holds so many memories for me from childhood to now but I’m just so used to Paint the Night and I grew to love this parade so much, it’s just all bittersweet. Disney did say the Electrical Parade will just be for a limited time so we’ll see what happens.

Disney Parks Live Stream Schedule

Did you watch Disney’s Celebrate America firework show from the Magic Kingdom on the live stream? What a phenomenal show it was. Cinderella’s castle looked gorgeous surrounded by so many fireworks! Let’s be honest, Disney always has the best fireworks for all occasions.

Good news for Disney park fans! The Disney Parks Blog will be live streaming every Monday during the month of July! Here’s the schedule:

  • July 11th: Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire (Magic Kingdom)
  • July 18th: Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • July 25th: Paint the Night Parade (Disneyland)

Disneyland’s Paint the Night Parade
(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Hi everyone! If you’ll be heading to Disneyland for 4th of July, be sure to check out a special finale in honor of 4th of July right after Disneyland Forever! Disneyland Forever starts approximately at 9:30 pm. There are multiple locations to catch Disneyland Forever: Right down Main Street USA, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, It’s a Small World, and in front of the Matterhorn. There was a viewing spot at River’s of America but it’s temporarily closed down due to the construction of Star Wars Land.

Also, if you’ll be at the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World you’ll be able to catch “Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky” or you can watch the live stream of the show at 8:50 pm ET on Disney Parks Blog. Be sure to tweet using #DisneyParksLIVE on Twitter during the show to join the conversation!


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