New Star Wars Land Image

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a new image on Disneyland’s soon to be Star Wars Land, besides guests taking pictures from locations where you can see the land from high up such as the Mickey & Friends parking structure. Check out this new concept art:

(Photo: Disneyland/Lucasfilm)

This new concept art can be found on the fence along Big Thunder Trail in Frontierland. If you look closely at the image, you might just see the Millenium Falcon! 😉 This all new land will be 14 acres and is the largest single themed land expansion at the Disneyland Resort! That is huge.. It’ll probably be the size of 2 or more lands combined. From the information that we’ve been given, we know that this land will be located in between Toontown, Critter Country and on an area of Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland (obviously because that was taken down). It’s safe to say that Disney is not moving slow with the construction.. Star Wars Land will be here in no time, I’m so excited!


DCA’s CALIFORNIA letters at California State Fair

(Photo: California State Fair)

For those of you who are visiting the California State Fair in Sacramento this July, you might want to check this out! If you didn’t know, the CALIFORNIA letters that were once at the entrance of Disney California Adventure park stand at the California State Fair’s Main Gate. The Disneyland Resort donated the letters in May 2012. Each of the letters are 11 feet, 8 inches tall and weigh between 5,000 to 13,000 pounds.

Here’s the old entrance to Disney California Adventure Park.
(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Disney California Adventure park opened on February 8, 2001. The overall theme of the park used to celebrate modern day California. Guests would walk underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and could possibly catch the monorail passing through. It was as if you were walking into the beautiful city of San Francisco. Continuing down the park, you would see the giant sun icon which welcomed guests into Sunshine Plaza. It used to be the centerpiece of the park and was recently donated to the City of Anaheim.

Construction began in July 2009. The park reopened on June 15, 2012. The Buena Vista Street entrance now takes you on a journey back in time to the glorious days of Hollywood in the 1920’s. The newly improved and redesign of Disney California Adventure continues on the legacy of Walt Disney to when he first came to California to begin his career in Hollywood.

So I thought I’d give a little history on Disney California Adventure for those of you visiting the California State Fair and see the letters! I miss seeing those letters at the entrance of the park but it’s cool to have a piece of Disneyland right in Sacramento!

The 1975 – “Somebody Else”

Possibly my favorite song from The 1975 off of I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it. I was hoping this would be the next single and now I’m even more excited that the music video is finally here!

First thing I noticed was how Matty came into the video straight from the Change of Heart video. If you watch that video, you can see how his character becomes so self-absorbed with himself that she eventually leaves and he becomes alone. In this video, he beings to see himself in other people to the point where he can’t truly connect with anyone casually or intimately. Just my take on it.. You can analyze The 1975’s work all day long. They are so talented and creative. What’s your take on the music video?

Disney Parks Live Stream Schedule

Did you watch Disney’s Celebrate America firework show from the Magic Kingdom on the live stream? What a phenomenal show it was. Cinderella’s castle looked gorgeous surrounded by so many fireworks! Let’s be honest, Disney always has the best fireworks for all occasions.

Good news for Disney park fans! The Disney Parks Blog will be live streaming every Monday during the month of July! Here’s the schedule:

  • July 11th: Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire (Magic Kingdom)
  • July 18th: Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  • July 25th: Paint the Night Parade (Disneyland)

Disneyland’s Paint the Night Parade
(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

Shanghai Disneyland

Since Shanghai Disneyland’s grand opening I’ve been watching a ton of videos from the park and reading up on the latest on what’s been going on there. It would be such a dream come true to visit the park. Thanks to the internet I could virtually experience what it’s like! From what I’ve seen so far, it’s truly incredible! Shanghai Disneyland officially opened on June 16th and is the first theme park in mainland China. The park includes six themed lands: Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove, Gardens of Imagination, Adventure Isle and Mickey Avenue. I’ll list some of my favorite attractions at Shanghai Disneyland:

The first attraction that I wanted to share was Pirates of the Caribbean. That is one of my all time top favorite attractions at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Shanghai Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle For the Sunken Treasure is magnificent! The technology used on this attraction is on a whole ‘nother level! Check it out below! Thanks to SoCal Attractions 360 for shooting this awesome video:

Fly across the skies of London and Neverland on Peter Pan’s Flight! This is definitely the most advanced version of the ride I’ve seen. Check out this video by SoCal Attractions 360:

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was first brought to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and is now at Shanghai Disneyland. Check out some highlights from Inside the Magic:

Another must see at Shanghai Disneyland is “Ignite the Dream” – A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light. Located right in front of Enchanted Storybook Castle.

(Photo: Shanghai Disney Resort)

For the latest on Shanghai Disneyland, visit here!

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Hi everyone! If you’ll be heading to Disneyland for 4th of July, be sure to check out a special finale in honor of 4th of July right after Disneyland Forever! Disneyland Forever starts approximately at 9:30 pm. There are multiple locations to catch Disneyland Forever: Right down Main Street USA, in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, It’s a Small World, and in front of the Matterhorn. There was a viewing spot at River’s of America but it’s temporarily closed down due to the construction of Star Wars Land.

Also, if you’ll be at the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World you’ll be able to catch “Disney’s Celebrate America! A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky” or you can watch the live stream of the show at 8:50 pm ET on Disney Parks Blog. Be sure to tweet using #DisneyParksLIVE on Twitter during the show to join the conversation!


(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

First entry!

Hi everyone! It’s Lauren. So, I’ve had this blog for awhile now but never got around to actually using it. Obviously, if you’re reading this you have me on one form of social media. But, if you don’t know me my name is Lauren. I’m 23 years old from the Bay Area in California. I love music, entertainment, and social media. (I’m also a big Disney fan!) I’m really excited to finally start using this blog. I’ll be updating here and there on new adventures, music, events, and also Disney and Disney parks news. Just expect everything I love to be here 🙂 Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @laurenxjessica!