Beauty & the Beast trivia

Hi everyone! I thought it’d be awesome to do a quick blog post on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in honor of the live action releasing on March 17th.. less than 2 weeks away! So, I’ll be sharing some quick trivia on the original Beauty and the Beast movie that released in 1991.


Beauty and the Beast (2017) theatrical poster

To start off, Walt Disney wanted to create an animated movie of the story of Beauty and the Beast in the 1930’s but didn’t know how to tell it exactly. So it was put off for many years but was eventually created.


Belle is the first princess to not be saved by a prince. Instead, she saves the beast herself. He then transforms into a prince and therefore created her happily ever after ending. Belle was also the second princess that didn’t start off as royalty. The first was Cinderella, then Belle, and then years later, Tiana from Princess and the Frog.


Belle is also the only person seen who wears blue in her town. This is to show that she is different than the rest. You’ll also notice that the Beast wears blue in the ballroom scene (he also has blue eyes!), this is done to create the idea that Belle not only is different but that they are meant to be.


Have you ever spotted Belle in another Disney movie? She made a quick cameo appearance in Disney’s 1996 classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You’ll spot her in the scene where Quasimodo is singing “Out There” while he looks down on the town below. You’ll also spot the Magic Carpet from Aladdin.


Have you ever noticed the signs that Maurice was looking at when he was lost? If you carefully look, the bottom says Anaheim, the city where the original Disneyland is located.

The song “Be Out Guest” was originally supposed to be sung to Maurice when he first enters the castle. Not completely satisfied, they switched it over to be Belle instead of Maurice. I think it was a much better fit because the song and scene are so dynamic and unforgettable that it would make sense to sing to the main character who perhaps might break the spell! 😉


Towards the end of the movie after Gaston stabs the Beast and is knocked off the castle, have you noticed Gaston’s eyes? As he’s falling, white skulls appear in his eyes for a quick second symbolizing that he will die.


During the finale of the movie when Belle and the prince dancing in the ballroom, this dance may look familiar. Disney reused the animation of Aurora and Prince Phillip’s dance from Sleeping Beauty. When you get a chance, watch their dances side by side. Pretty cool!

I hope you enjoyed this little Beauty & the Beast trivia! Now who’s ready for the live action? Be sure to check it out in theaters on Friday, March 17th!

All photos belong to Disney.


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