The Little Man of Disneyland

Did any of you used to read or own those Disney Little Golden Books? I need to dig mine up somewhere. I had quite a few.. they are classic treasures! One I’d like to share with you is the story “Little Man of Disneyland” which was published in 1955. The story tells of a little leprechaun named Patrick Begorra who lived in a small house at the bottom of a tree. The tree was located in an orange grove in Anaheim. He becomes disturbed as he meets Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey Mouse coming barging onto his property. They plan on building Disneyland on the property he lives on. They take him back to the studio in Burbank to show him all of the drawings, concept art and plans for Disneyland. After careful consideration, Patrick agrees that they can have the land as long as he can have a little house of his own at Disneyland.

When you visit Disneyland, be sure to stop by Adventureland and head near the entrance of the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction and you may spot a little house tucked away at the bottom of a tree. I wonder who may live there..


Comment below if you’ve seen Patrick’s little house! Let me know what other Disney trivia I can write on!


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