The Main Street Electrical Parade Commercial

As many of you have seen already, Disney released a brand new commercial in honor of the Main Street Electrical Parade coming back home to Disneyland on January 20th! This commercial is probably one of the best commercials Disney has ever released. You will appreciate it especially if you’re an older Disney fan who grew up in the parks.. this commercial brings back some serious nostalgia! It takes you on a quick look through old attractions which is amazing. Well done Disney! If you haven’t seen the commercial, watch it below and then I will go through a quick analysis:

Now let’s take a closer look at the commercial:1At the start, the woman, who I assume is either an imagineer or a castmember, enter this warehouse looking building. You’ll see the numbers 64658, which is the zip code to Marceline, Missouri (Walt Disney’s hometown).2aAs the doors begin to open, you’ll see Skull Rock from Disney’s classic Peter Pan. Skull Rock was a restaurant that used to be in Fantasyland in the 60’s. 3aThe first thing that caught my eye in this scene is the original Disneyland sign! That one was around from 1958 to 1989. I wrote about it here if you’re interested. In the middle at the top, you’ll see a Skyway bucket which is from the Skyway attraction that ran from 1956-1994. When riding the Skyway, guests could travel up across the park and even through the Matterhorn. I wrote about that attraction here. To the left of the bucket, you’ll see the Rocket Jets from Tomorrowland. The attraction lasted for about 30 years (1967-1997). A similar attraction we have now is Astro Orbitor, which is at the entrance of Tomorowland. Next, you’ll see old lamp posts from Main Street I’m assuming. Shift your eyes diagonal right, you’ll see a sea creature from Submarine Voyage (now Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage). You’ll see to the right the microscope you enter in the Adventures Thru Inner Space attraction from Tomorrowland (Star Tours is now located there). And to the bottom right, you’ll see Dumbo. I believe this is from the 50th Anniversary. Back in 2005, one Dumbo was painted gold in honor of the 50th Anniversary. 4bTo the right, you’ll see an old Popcorn cart from Main Street and to the left you’ll see old costume heads from the America On Parade.4aNotice that little guy on the right? That’s Captain Rex from Star Tours.  You’ll even hear an old Star Tours sound during this scene. To the left is an old Autopia car.5aAt the top where the arrow is pointing, I’m assuming that is an old tea cup from the Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland. Below it is an old Peoplemover Vehicle from Tomorrowland. To the right, the BTR symbol is something from Big Thunder Ranch. Below that is an eagle from America Sings6aThis one is an easy one.. that’s the Yetti from Matterhorn Bobsleds. His name is “Harold” as cast members would call him. 7aIn this scene, you’ll see to the left another look at a Peoplemover vehicle, familiar Princess dresses and a Flying saucer that flies across the screen from the Flying Saucers attraction in the 60’s from Tomorrowland (that attraction only existed for less than 6 years). 7bIn the same scene, you’ll notice a bunch of old attraction posters in the back. Starting from the left, it’s not that clear but it’s the Country Bear Jamboree. To the right of that, you’ll see the Alice in Wonderland attraction. Next to that is the Jungle Cruise, right next to that one is Astro-Jets (very hard to tell but I’m pretty sure). Down below, is the Dumbo attraction. 8aHere you’ll see the attraction poster for the original Tom Sawyer Island. Next to that is the poster for the Mickey Mouse Club Theater in Fantasyland. It opened in 1955, then changed to the Fantasyland Theater in 1964. It closed in 1981 and became Pinocchio’s Daring Journey attraction in 1983. To poster on the right is the original Submarine Voyage.9The last scene, the point of this commercial, shows the woman putting a light bulb on which happens to be Elliot from Pete’s Dragon. The shot zooms out and we see all of the original floats from the Main Street Electrical Parade! It is absolutely breathtaking and just brings back so many memories. That was all of the things I could point out, let me know if I missed anything!Although I’m sad Paint the Night ended it’s run last night, I’m excited that this parade is coming back home. Wish there was a way both parades can stay but this will be great! I feel like this commercial made me feel better and more excited that it’s coming back! Hope you enjoyed this post! What are your thoughts on the parade?


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