Buena Vista Street at DCA

(Photo: disneydose.com)

Just yesterday, I wrote about one of my favorite lands at Disneyland and that would be Fantasyland.. you can read it here! Now, I thought I would write about another one of my favorite lands at Disney California Adventure and that would be Buena Vista Street. Buena Vista Street is indeed special because you walk right back into the year of 1923, when Walt first arrived in California to pursue his dream of animation and filmmaking. In this post, I’ll be showing you guys where my favorite spots are and tell you about some things you might of not known about Buena Vista Street.

The Disney Calfornia Adventure Dedication Plaque
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(Photo: insidethemagic.net)

A little shop I like visiting is Oswald’s. It’s a cute little vintage shop that you see right as you walk into the park on the left side. Oswald was Walt’s first hit animated character. Unfortunately, Walt lost Oswald to Charles Mintz of Universal. Losing Oswald led to the creation of Mickey Mouse. Disney regained the rights back to Oswald in 2006. This shop sells lots of Oswald merchandise such as plushes, ears, shirts, and more.

(Photo: insidethemagic.net)

Across from Oswald’s Tires is the Kingswell Camera Shop. Kingswell Avenue is the street where Walt first moved to LA. He first lived with his Uncle and worked in his garage. At this shop, you’re able to purchase your pictures taken by the Disney Parks photographers. You can also find camera equipment and photo essentials. Here’s what the sign to the store looks like above.

(Photo: mouseplanet.com)

Mortimer’s Market is a place to find some healthier snack choices such as fruits, veggies, and trail mix . There’s also a selection of beverages such as lemonade, juice, and tea. Here’s a little back story on the name of the market – Mortimer was originally Mickey’s first name. It’s been said that Walt’s wife, Lillian, thought that Mickey was a better name choice. So, Mickey it was.. Mortimer did in fact become a character and appeared in some Mickey Mouse shorts such as “Mickey’s Rival”. He was an enemy of Mickey Mouse.

(Photo: myhiddendisney.blogspot.com)

If you see this sign on Buena Vista Street above that reads Holymont Property Associates, it refers to Holly Vermont’s Realty. This is where Walt and Roy (Walt’s younger brother) rented office space, supposedly for $10 a month.

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

You might have seen this sign right above that reads 2719 Buena Vista Street. The 2719 refers to the address of the Hyperion Studio (2719 Hyperion Avenue) after outgrowing their space on Kingswell. 2719 Hyperion was the location of Walt’s first major studio.

(Photo: mouseinfo.com)

Speaking of addresses, if you look at the addresses on Buena Vista Street, there is a significance to the numbers. The first two digits of the addresses (26 or 27) refer to two of the years that the Walt Disney Studios were located on Hyperion Avenue in Los Angeles. The last two numbers represent early Disney history (not always though). For example, the address of  Los Feliz Five & Dime store is 2628 Buena Vista St. The 28 represents the year Mickey made his debut in the 1928 cartoon “Steamboat Willie.” Los Feliz is located near the Silver Lake neighborhood, where Walt Disney moved his cartoon studio after outgrowing its original Los Angeles location on Kingswell Avenue. This shop is one of my favorite shops at Disney California. Souvenirs, t-shirts, hats, accessories and more can be found here.


(Photo: themeparks.about.com)

Here’s another shop to check out: Elias & Company. Elias was not only Walt’s middle name but also his Father’s name. Elias Disney was born in Ontario in Canada. He then moved to America and Walt was born in Chicago.

(Photo: disney-pal.com)

Trolley Treats is a candy shop full of sweet goodness! Here you’ll find treats such as cake pops and caramel apples. They’re even decorated as your favorite Disney characters and for the holiday seasons! The shop is named Trolley Treats to pay tribute to the Red Car Trolleys.


(Photo: dawsbrothers.com)

You can catch the Red Car Trolleys during your visit to Disney California. You could also catch the newsboys making a stop near you and performing with Mickey. You could see the trolleys tracks around Buena Vista Street and Hollywood Land. But have you noticed the cables that they supposedly run on if you look above you? They actually don’t function on those cables, they’re just used as an illusion that they run on those. The trolleys run automatically.


And of course, you can’t miss the Carthay Circle Restaurant. This is modeled after the building of the Carthay Circle Theater. I took this photo above when it was still decked out for the Diamond Celebration. It’s an important theater to note because that’s where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs first premiered in 1937. It was the first full length animated film. The original Carthay Circle Theater does not exist today, it was removed in 1969. There is a smaller version of the Carthay Circle that resides in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida. 


I love seeing the ‘Storytellers’ Statue. It really does tell a story of when Walt first came to California to pursue his dream! Here you’ll see a younger Walt casually dressed with a fedora and a suitcase, with a younger Mickey too. The plaque to the left of that statue reads:

“It was July 1923. I packed all of my worldly goods – a pair of trousers, a checkered coat, a lot of drawing materials and the last of the fairy tale reels we had made – in a kind of frayed cardboard suitcase. And with that wonderful audacity of youth, I went to Hollywood, arriving there with just forty dollars. It was a big day the day I got on that Santa Fe California Limited. I was just free and happy!”

If you examine the suitcase, the design of the suitcase represents the original business card of Walt Disney. He first started his journey as a cartoonist before creating his own company. You’ll also see the luggage tag on the front of the suitcase that has the railroad that Walt took to Los Angeles. This shows that Walt has just stepped off the train from Kansas City to Los Angeles. You’ll also see “Laugh-O-Grams” which is the studio he ran when he lived in Kansas City. On the right of the statue, a plaque reads “We’re just getting started“.. and the rest is history!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What’s your favorite place on Buena Vista Street or in DCA?


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