The Walt Disney Family Museum

Hi everyone! On Monday, September 5th, I got the opportunity to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, CA. Besides it being my birthday, it was also a way to celebrate the last day of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration. Anyone who is a fan of Disney, wants to learn more about the life of Walt Disney or how the Walt Disney company came about needs to make a visit here a priority! The museum was founded by Diane Disney Miller, who was the daughter of Walt and Lillian Disney. It opened on October 1, 2009. The museum not only has hundreds of memorabilia of Walt but also tells a story of his life as you walk in each of the galleries. I recorded the video above on some highlights of the museum. I also took some photos that I’d like to share:


At the entrance of The Walt Disney Family Museum.


A model of the kind of ambulance Walt Disney drove when he was an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in World War 1.


Here’s a look at many of the early Mickey Mouse merchandise.

img_0738Steamboat Willie film stills displayed on a storyboard like wall. Steamboat Willie debuted in 1928 which is the first public appearance from Mickey Mouse.


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was created by Walt Disney and Ub lwerks. Oswald was Walt’s first hit animated character. In 1928, Walt unfortunately lost Oswald to another company. Losing Oswald inspired Walt to create Mickey Mouse in 1928. Luckily, The Walt Disney Company gained the rights back of Oswald in 2006. Today, you’ll find many Oswald merchandise at Disney Parks around the world and maybe even catch him around the parks.


I know it’s been said that “it all started with a mouse“, in fact it all started with this drawing right here! This is the earliest drawing of Mickey Mouse back in 1928.


Possibly my favorite feature at The Walt Disney Family Museum! Being a lifelong fan of Disneyland, this work of art captures my heart! This model is “The Disneyland of Walt’s Imagination.” It represents the park from opening day up until the end of Walt’s life. Including attractions that were present or in development, nothing beyond that. This model has so much detail, it’s crazy beautiful!


Here’s a closer look at the entrance of Disneyland and a look down Main Street. You’ll have to spend hours looking at the model to get every detail. You may even spot Walt entering Fantasyland or riding on one of the Autopia cars 😉


 Something else you should pay attention to is the numerous footage shown around the model and around the Disneyland & Beyond gallery. You’ll see clips from Disneyland and also clips from Walt’s TV show “The Wonderful World of Color”.


An original Autopia car!


Standing in front of Walt Disney’s Oscar Awards!


Walt Disney’s furniture from his apartment at Disneyland. His apartment was located at the top of the Fire Department right on Main Street.


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