Rumor: Disneyland’s Fantasmic changes

A couple of days ago, there was yet another rumor floating around about Disneyland. This time it’s on Fantasmic and the changes that it will be undergoing. As announced a couple weeks ago, Fantasmic will be returning in Summer of 2017 and it’s been said that Pirates of the Caribbean will be replacing the Peter Pan segment of the show along with other changes and upgrades. According to WDW News Today:

Using projection mapping technology, the plan will be to turn the Sailing Ship Columbia into the Black Pearl. The ship will host a large fight between Jack Sparrow’s crew and that of Captain Barbossa. Of course, The Columbia will be re-rigged for all new stunt work featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and his pirate friends. The truly amazing part (if true) is that the projection mapping technology will follow the ship around the river, also projecting onto the performers on the boat. This effect would allow performers to change in appearance, jumping between a skeleton and human form just like the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Again, it’s a rumor. To be honest, if it is true I would prefer the Peter Pan segment to stay the same. It’s been in the show since it’s opening in 1992. There’s nothing like hearing the loud cannon ball bomb, then seeing the lights shine on Sailing Ship Columbia with Peter, Captain Hook, and all the characters all on the ship, Seeing the pirates swing across the ship and Peter and Captain Hook battle it out at the top of the ship. It’s such an epic performance and will always be one of my favorites. Do you think this rumor is true?


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