The Main Street Electrical Parade coming back to Disneyland

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

News released by Disney a couple days ago, I’m sure you’ve all heard.. The Main Street Electrical Parade will be ending it’s run at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World on October 9th and coming back to where it all started.. Disneyland. Even though I’m TREMENDOUSLY sad to see Paint the Night go, the Electrical Parade is a classic and is one of the earliest night time spectaculars I can remember.

The Electrical Parade began at Disneyland in 1972 and ended in 1996 then came back to Disneyland in 2001 up until 2010. It then made it’s way to Walt Disney World and has been there ever since. As stated before, Paint the Night will continue to run normally up until September 5th, the end of the Diamond Celebration at Disneyland. The good news is that Paint the Night will be returning on select nights during the holiday season this year.

There are questions roaming around as to what will be happening at the Magic Kingdom.. are they getting a new parade? Is Paint the Night going to be the new parade there for the time being? What do you think? To be completely honest, I wish there was a way Paint the Night could stay forever.. a year and a half is NOT long enough. This parade is just life. It’s literally everything. And as much as I love the Electrical Parade with ALL of my heart, you can’t go from Paint the Night back to the Electrical Parade, you just can’t. The Electrical Parade holds so many memories for me from childhood to now but I’m just so used to Paint the Night and I grew to love this parade so much, it’s just all bittersweet. Disney did say the Electrical Parade will just be for a limited time so we’ll see what happens.


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