“Paint the Night” to conclude on September 5th at Disneyland

As you all may have heard today or probably assumed with all of the Diamond Celebration shows ending.. Paint the Night will conclude on September 5th as well. I am completely devastated over this news. Paint the Night has only been here for a year and a half? So that’s it? Not sure if it will continue during the holidays but it sounds as if it is completley done on September 5th. I thought it would run after the Diamond Celebration was over.. Paint the Night is definitely my favorite parade to date. There really is NOTHING like it. The floats, the lights, the magic, the music!!!! Everything about it gets me hyped. I will never forget it and I’m so lucky I was able to experience it so many times. My favorite part of the parade is definitely the beginning where Tinkerbell and Peter Pan and the fairies stroll the streets.. the music always gets me and just the feeling you get when you see the characters! It’s just so freakin’ magical. This whole parade is everything I could ever dream of at a Disney park and it will always have a special place in my heart.

If you have a chance, please check out this video of Paint the Night filmed by EddieFilms. This video is so beautiful and really captures the magic of this parade, plus check out his other Disneyland videos! šŸ˜‰

I want to know how you feel about Paint the Night ending at Disneyland. What’s your favorite part of the parade? Shoot me a comment!


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