Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT! Coming to DCA

So, the rumors ended up being true. Guardians of the Galaxy will be replacing the Twilight Zone theme of the Twilight Zone Hollywood Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure Park. This new attraction will be opening in summer of 2017. It was announced today at Comic-Con in San Diego. Here’s a concept art Disney released today:


First off, the Twilight Zone is classic. I love stepping into Hollywood Land at DCA and seeing the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Obviously, it fits the theme of the land perfectly and not only that, it fits the theme of the attraction perfectly as well. When you think of this attraction, you think of a haunting hotel with a dropping elevator. When you first step in, you walk into a chilling and haunting lobby filled with old and worn out furniture and are greeted with emotionless hotel employees. The atmosphere is just so breathtaking. Also, who can forget the beautiful yet creepy lobby music during the queue? Oh, and the classic pre-show that takes you back to Hollywood in 1939..

Tonight’s story of the Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different type of introduction..

Once on the elevator, you’re transported into another world.. the Twilight Zone and experience the scariest elevator ride of your life. So in all honesty, am I happy about the change? No. Am I willing to experience it? Yes. I am not a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, I don’t know much about it. I never really got into it. But I’m willing to give it a shot. Disney always does amazing things at everything. However, I hope the one at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida remains the same because there should be at least one Twilight Zone themed one in the world somewhere.

The thing for me is that, I feel that Disney California is losing the California feel to it. We recently lost Soarin Over California to now Soarin All Around the World and now this. Doesn’t make sense to have Guardians of the Galaxy in Hollywood Land. But then again, is Hollywood Land changing into Marvel Land as that’s been rumored as well? Doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t click for me. The Hollywood hotel theme is perfect. I loved the change from the Paradise theme to Buena Vista Street in DCA, all for that.. because it represents Walt’s journey to Hollywood where he began his career. It just makes me upset that Hollywood Land may be changing. It feels as if Guardians is the first step to that change. We’ll see. For right now, check out the Disney Parks Blog for more. I want to hear your thoughts!!!


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