Favorite foods at Disneyland!

Thought I’d do a blog post telling you guys my favorite foods from Disneyland! There’s no question that I love to eat.. especially at the parks. LOL! There’s so many delicious meals, snacks, and desserts to choose from all over the park. Here we go! 🙂



Dole Whips are a must at Disneyland.. I don’t care how long you’re there, what you came for.. when you go to the parks you get a Dole Whip. It’s a rule! It’s a wonderful treat of pineapple goodness. The picture I took above is a Dole Whip float, which is a soft serve with pineapple juice. It also comes with a cherry and a little umbrella. I believe this is $5.29. The soft serve is $4.19. You can get these delicious treats at The Tiki Juice Bar at the entrance of Adventure Land. The Tiki Juice Bar is also a part of the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction so you can get one right before the show.


Chicken Breast Nuggets from Stage Door Cafe are so good. You can get them with either fries or apples and your choice of sauce. I like getting fries with ranch. Stage Door Cafe is located in Frontierland right next door to Golden Horseshoe. Eating here is always a family tradition!


Another sweet treat I enjoy is the Fantasy Funnel Cake located at Stage Door Cafe. You can choose between strawberry, chocolate brownie or powdered sugar topping. You’ll definitely want to share with some people when eating these because these funnel cakes are huge!


Mickey Pretzel‘s are a classic snack! You can get one at different places at the park. I like to get mine at Refreshment Corner on Main Street. Add a cup of cheese too to add some flavor 🙂


When going to Disney California Adventure, I like going to Award Wieners which is located in Hollywood Land. My favorite thing to get is the Sicilian Sausage which has mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce. I don’t have a picture of it, but I did snap the photo above of what the place looks like. Check it out next time you’re at DCA!

So those are just some of my favorite foods and snacks at the Disneyland Resort! I’ll most likely do another part later. What’s your favorite thing to eat at Disneyland? I’d love to hear!


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