New Star Wars Land Image

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a new image on Disneyland’s soon to be Star Wars Land, besides guests taking pictures from locations where you can see the land from high up such as the Mickey & Friends parking structure. Check out this new concept art:

(Photo: Disneyland/Lucasfilm)

This new concept art can be found on the fence along Big Thunder Trail in Frontierland. If you look closely at the image, you might just see the Millenium Falcon! 😉 This all new land will be 14 acres and is the largest single themed land expansion at the Disneyland Resort! That is huge.. It’ll probably be the size of 2 or more lands combined. From the information that we’ve been given, we know that this land will be located in between Toontown, Critter Country and on an area of Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland (obviously because that was taken down). It’s safe to say that Disney is not moving slow with the construction.. Star Wars Land will be here in no time, I’m so excited!


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